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Sharon Jeanneret, Yoga Instructor and co-founder. Sharon is a 200 Hour level Yoga Alliance sanctioned yoga instructor with over 10,000 hours experience teaching yoga. Her students include children, adults, seniors, cancer patients, VA veterans with PTSD and/or chronic pain, post physical therapy rehad patients, and athletic sports teams. She has conducted private instruction, group yoga classes, and post physical therapy sessions. Ms. Jeanneret attended the M.D. Anderson Integrative Therapy Conference (July 2014) and attended training with Dr. Ray Long, MD, FRCSC, author of the Scientific Keys of Yoga, and founder of Bandha Yoga (November, 2013).


“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.” -Desikachar

Because of post-surgery range of motion limitations and treatment side effects, we only use a small number of poses.  Our focus is to restore energy, gently increase range of motion, and to relax and breathe deeply, all the while improving mental and physical strength, balance, flexibility, peace of mind, and ease within your body to heal mind, body, and spirit.

Physically, the mind-body practice of yoga is designed to strengthen the body in optimal postural alignment, cultivate self-awareness to uncover habitual tension patterns, and to become aware of muscle and postural imbalances, all with the purpose of learning how to improve and correct poor bio-mechanics. Imbalances in the body create a higher risk of injury and a greater potential for pain. Yoga improves the quality of the mind by teaching breath awareness to "get out of the mind, and into the body" or into our senses. This practice of breath awareness brings us into the present moment (when all of life occurs) and quiets our thoughts cultivating inner peace. Each yoga session ends with a guided relaxation period further enhancing a student’s relaxed state. Because each student is an active participant with hands-on experience they achieve a set of tools to help them cope with the challenges of cancer not only during class but throughout their functional day.