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Friday, October 6, 2023

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A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming and extremely stressful.  When touched by cancer, your body is not only fighting the disease, but coping with potentially difficult side effects.  In the past, less attention was paid to the physical and emotional toll exacted by both cancer and medical treatments.

Today, medicine supports a "whole-person" focus with an emphasis on promoting overall wellness, recognizing that within all of us is a natural ability to heal.

Integrative therapies such as massage and yoga are used alongside mainstream medicine to help manage side effects and to improve quality of life.  Patients say that the use of integrative therapies help them feel more in control.



Improve quality of mind and bio-mechanics ...



Increase energy, improve healing, promote relaxation ...



Provide oncologic massage, yoga, relaxation therapies, and education.

No Cost to Cancer Patients

"Sharon and PJ helped me when I was recovering after bilateral mastectomy.  Yoga and massage not only helped me to reduce anxiety, pain, fatigue, lymphedema in my arm and muscle spasms, it also acted like a natural antidepressant.  I am very grateful to them for their help and dedication to cancer patients.  They are truly angels."

--Deepa Halaharvi, DO, Ohio Health Breast and Cancer Surgeon and breast cancer survivor.

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