TEAM Online Application/Payment:
We are using a two step process for the online payment and application.

Step 1: Complete the online application below and Hit SUBMIT.  An email will be sent to Touched By Cancer containing all your submitted information.

Step 2: After completing your Online Team Registration, please pay through PayPal using a credit card or your PayPal account.

Step 2: Online Team Payment

Levels of participation available this year:
Team of Four Shooters
- Two Courses (New offering: Registration start 10 am) -$1,300  (Limited to 10 teams)

Team - Additional (Fifth) Shooter - Two Courses - $325

Team of Four Shooters- One Course (Regular offering: Registration starts at 12:30 pm) - $800

Team - Additional (Fifth) Shooter - One Course - $200

Individual Shooter - $250

Non-Shooter Attendee - $35

Credit Card or PayPal 2022 Clays for Cancer Participant Registration

Step 1: Online Team Registration

Complete the application below and click SUBMIT when done.  This will submit your information to Touched by Cancer via email.  Once done, go to Step 2 to submit your payment.

Clays for Cancer

"Karen's Shoot"

No Cost to Cancer Patients

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